Like many Islands of Polynesia, The Hawaiian Islands were blessed with an abundance of
    "iliahi" or santalum album &.  Sandalwood.

       The Hawaiian people were known to call this fragrant tree 'la'au-'ala" (sweet wood). Known for its aromatic, aphrodisiacal and herbal/medicinal properties, Sandalwood from
Hawaii became a primary commodity in the Islands. In fact, Hawaii was also called
"The Sandalwood Mountains".

       Kepler in his book, "Hawaiian Heritage Plants", says that in the early 1980s,
a two by six-inch piece of heartwood sold in India for $20.00 and in New York for about $200.00.

You may read more about sandalwood and its history in the following links:!32&keyword=%28sandalwood%29&match_type=#1

       We, at Kihalani, are offering one of the only sources of authentic Hawaiian Sandalwood available on the market today.

       Since harvesting of sandalwood in Hawaii is state regulated, true Hawaiian Sandalwood is very scarce.

Most "hawaiian" sandalwood products are scented with
aromatic oils from Asian or artificial sources.
       We have been given a Sandalwood tree trunk that is very old and "grand-fathered" to regulation. If you would like to look into portions of this wood, please call or email.

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Hawaiian Sandalwood Powder       1/4 Ounce   shipping included        $25             

Hawaiian Sandalwood Powder       1/2 Ounce   shipping included        $45             

Hawaiian Sandalwood Chips       1/2 Ounce   shipping included        $25             

  Hawaiian Sandalwood Powder       1 Ounce   shipping included        $45             

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