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Kihalani Tropicals
                       offers the finest grade of Lauhala available on the market.
        Already dried and flattened, our Lauhala arrives ready to weave
or cut into smaller strips. (see our cutter).     
        Some applications will require further softening by drawing the strips carefully over an edge or soaking in salt water.
        You can also add color to Lauhala by boiling the strips in dye (Ritz?) and water.
         Choose from our package selections below and send us a photo:
We'll place your creation on our Web Site.

Part of a Round of Lauhala on a Lauhala Stripper in the process of 
making  1/8" Lauhala strips

Fresh Lauhala

Dried  Lauhala

Kihalani Lauhala Rounds    150 feet long,  3-5 inches wide           ready to strip                   $40.00

Kihalani Lauhala Sampler    25 feet Unstripped, 25 feet 1", 25 feet 1/2",25feet 1/4"             $25.00

Kihalani Lauhala Inches    200 feet long,  1 inch wide           ready to weave                           $30.00

Kihalani Lauhala Half Inches    250 feet long,  1/2 inch wide           ready to weave              $30.00

Kihalani Lauhala Quarter Inches    300 feet long,  1/4 inch wide           ready to weave       $30.00

Kihalani Lauhala Eighth Inches    400 feet long,  1/8 inch wide           ready to weave       $30.00

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